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Tasse "mocha tea"

Isabelle Nadeau


Large porcelain cup turned with squared handle. Decor "mocha tea".
H: 10 cm. D: 6.5 cm. Weight: 200gr. (approximate measurements)
Available in 4 colors. Each motif is unique.

Isabelle Nadeau gives birth to snowy Nordic winter landscapes with her oxides, a singular decor that suits a dish of contemporary form, sober and refined. The technique of mocha tea consists of pouring an acidic solution of colored oxides onto a still wet engobe (liquid porcelain). The solution spreads over the engobe and produces a branched fern-like pattern reminiscent of the mocha stone patterns. The Mocha tableware had its heyday in England in the 19th century.

Can go in the dishwasher and in the microwave.

These objects are handmade by ceramists in their workshop. They are subject to variations in shape, weight, capacity, but also colors. There are no two exactly identical pieces. If you order multiple objects from the same series, there will be slight variations.

The photos are not contractual. We can not guarantee how your computer is set up. There may be slight differences in color between what you see in the photo and the object you receive.

Each piece is signed and accompanied by the designer's card.


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