Vase moka "carton ondulé" Expand

Vase moka "carton ondulé"

Fanny Laugier



Porcelain. Satin enamel interior. Unglazed exterior.
H: 15.5cm. L: 20cm. Weight: 490g. (Approximate measurements)

The "Carton ondulé" (Corrugated cardboard) vase is made of porcelain wrought with a roller on corrugated cardboard to create this unique imprint.
Fanny Laugier transforms the porcelain into aerial volumes in a few clever cuts and folds. The construction of his pieces is based on simple geometric shapes, the circle, the square, the ellipse. The architecture of the 1950s, inspired by it, was reflected in her work.

Perfectly waterproof.

These objects are handcrafted, therefore handmade by ceramists in their workshop. They are subject to variations of form, weight, capacity, but also colors. There are not two strictly identical pieces. If you order multiple objects in the same series, there will be slight variations.

The photos are not contractual. We can not guarantee the way your computer is set up. So there may be slight differences in color between what you see on the picture and the object you will receive.

Each piece is signed and accompanied by the card of the creator.

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